There is no bad college life, only a step that you dare not take.


There is no bad college life, only a step that you dare not take.

Club Experience

When faced with a choice, everyone says to choose what they like, but how many people really know what they like? When I entered junior high school, I definitely chose to study higher vocational education. Although I was not sure what I was suitable for studying, I decided to study electrical engineering after excluding the departments I was not interested in, and embarked on the road of electrical engineering;

After the senior high school entrance examination, I used the channel of technical excellence screening to get acquainted with the Professional Master's Program of Information and Electrical Engineering. The biggest reason is that I hope to pass a The time of the grade is diverse, and you can find out the path you want to take the most.

Explore on the uneasy road.

After entering the Department of Information and Electronics, I found that everyone except myself was an ordinary high school student, and there was a big difference in their learning background. In order to quickly get acquainted with my classmates, I volunteered to be the general manager, and I got a lot of help with my studies. In addition to maintaining course work, I also slowly think about what department to choose when I am in the sophomore year. In the class of "Introduction and Ethics of Information and Electronics", the teachers of the School of Information and Electronics will introduce the characteristics of the department in detail, and the diversion lectures will invite the senior sisters who graduated, so that freshmen can better understand the differences between the departments and courses through the students' personal experience. In response to the advent of the 5G era, I finally chose the field of electrical engineering in higher vocational education to enter the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Stressful school work, the beginning of fatigue bombing

Entering the sophomore year, you can obviously feel the increase of professional courses. Among them, the goalkeeper of the Department of Electrical Engineering: Circuits, Electromagnetism, Electronics, and Engineering Mathematics, commonly known as "three electrical and one engineering", is a compulsory subject that all students must master. . In the second semester of the sophomore year, the "Microprocessor System Internship" course should be divided into groups with the class to complete the project and publish it at the end of the semester.

My group work is "Automatic Dog Feed Feeder". From conceptual model to circuit design, welding, programming, and appearance production, the work was highly affirmed by the reviewers in the final report, and was included in the knowledge base of Feng Chia University Campus Collection among.


A photo of the finished product of the Microprocessor System Internship Course.

Find your major and interest from practice

After studying the courses in the sophomore year and getting acquainted with the professional knowledge in the field of radio waves in the future, I found that I was more inclined to the field of electromagnetic energy, so I switched to the electromagnetic energy program (now the major of smart energy and electric power engineering). With the guidance of the subject supervisor Professor Zheng Jinxing from the Department of Electrical Engineering, I learned to think about the subject from my life, develop my creativity, make my own things, and achieve the effect of "learning by doing, learning by doing". The subject research direction is to use horizontal motion to generate electricity. Applying this concept to daily life will find that the generator can be driven by the movement of automatic doors or the concept of rowing machine movements in fitness equipment. In this era where non-renewable energy is in short supply but electricity is needed everywhere, renewable energy will be a part of environmental sustainability. How to store electricity in storage batteries is the biggest problem encountered by the project. Therefore, through the project Learning electric power and electronics-related technologies has also become the research direction of my research institute.


Power Electronics - Power Converters.

Do not forget the original intention, bravely pursue the dream

As I was about to enter my senior year, I saw my classmates preparing for the graduate school, all of whom were already on the path of steady development, but there was always a voice in my heart telling me to fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher. If you want to become a formal teacher, you must first take the education course, so you made up your mind to apply for the graduate school of the teacher training center school. While studying for the master's degree, you also studied the education course. Therefore, successfully obtaining the qualification of teacher trainee, so that I can go one step closer to my dream.


Recommended to the Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and successfully obtained the qualification of teacher trainee, so that I can go one step closer to my dream.

Enrich university life

When you go to college, you must not miss Feng chia’s rich club resources. Participating in clubs will help you meet different people, and cultivate soft skills such as teamwork, communication skills, execution, and interpersonal relationships. The most important thing is to learn a responsible attitude. It is helpful for going out of campus, stepping into the society or continuing to study in the future.

In the freshman year, participated in the bright blueprint and the department's service team. In the sophomore year, he served as the president of the hip-hop culture club because he liked to dance, and as a reserve cadre of the Institute regardless of department. In the junior year, he served as the secretary of the departmental society and the general caller of the orientation camp. . In these community experiences, regardless of whether you hold a leadership position or not, you must learn to empathize. The challenges at each stage have yielded many experiences, memories and a sense of accomplishment, and the most precious thing is to maintain friendships after graduation. No matter which club I am in, I always think about how to make the next class better, and I am also keen to share anything I know. I think this is the biggest reason why I want to be a teacher.


Enrich the experience of university clubs


After graduating from university, I was inspired:

Don't regret the choices you have made easily, because you will never know what is right. Before making a choice, you must make full preparations, and try to do your best after you have a clear goal.

The future is worthy of your bold attempts, and I believe that every choice you make will eventually be intertwined into the road to your dreams.


The future is worthy of your bold attempts, and I believe that every choice you make will eventually be intertwined into the road to your dreams.

By|Department of Electronic Engineering SHI,YAO-JUN

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